2015 is our 400 year family farming anniversary!

1615 - 2015

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Loofah Soap

Yes, We Grow Loofah (or Loofa) Sponges and we sell them and our soap all year long.

Believe it or not, Loofah is actually a vegetable.

Below are some pictures of different aroma soaps.

To buy or to get more information, click on one of the soap pictures.

Yes we know this is shameless promotion. But it is our web site.

Apple Scent

The great properties of loofah with the aroma of home made apple pie.

Blueberry Scent

For the lovers of blueberry pie and blueberry jam.

Coconut Lavender

The enticing beauty of a unique soap with the combined aroma of a tropical island and an cottage garden.


Tangy scent and invigorating color.

Welcome to Dew Farms

2015 is the 400th anniversary of Dew Farms family farming.

We lease about 40 acres from the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department to grow certified organic vegetables. We are proud to support the Boulder City Council's "Making Local Food Work" initiative. This is also part of our commitment to increase awareness about locally grown produce.

We love farming on the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks land. From our farm you can get a beautiful view of the mountains. There is a special feeling when, early in the morning, you watch the sun come up and cast its radiant beauty against the mountains. As my great grandfather, who was also a farmer, said a long time ago "I saw the beauty in the early morning sky and felt alive and one with nature."

We can trace our family farming heritage back to 1615 to Berkshire County in England. Our ancestors have been involved in agriculture for 400 years, taking care of the land is in our blood. It is something we just naturally do.

You can grow a lot of vegetables on 40 acres of land. We appreciate our customers who put their faith in us year after year. Whether you are a member of our CSA family or you visit us at one of the area farmers' markets that we attend or you are a wholesale customer, we really appreciate your business and support.

Growing up as farmers we learned that loyality is a two way street. We learned at an early age “if you want to have friends, you have to be a friend.” We want your loyality so we should be loyal to you.

We said that one of our commitments was to support the City of Boulder's “Making Local Food Work” initiative. We support this initative. Although we are a certified organic farm, we feel we should keep our prices as low as possible. You show your support for us by buying from us and we show our support for you by keeping our prices as low as possible.

Our vegetables won "Best of Show" at the 2014 county fair.

Our CSA program is unlike most other CSA programs, our CSA's come before any other market. As a CSA member you can pick from the full range of vegetables that we have available that week.

Another of the unusual, for this area, vegetables we grow is vine-grown loofah sponges which we make into soap and sell on our web site.

We attend the Broomfield Farmers' Market in addition to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Our vegetables are picked just prior to each CSA pickup. That way you can be sure of the freshest pick. Farm fresh vegetables at fair prices. What more could you ask for?

Aaron, our grower, has won numerous awards at the Boulder County Fair and the Colorado State Fair over the years. His Red Cabbage won BEST OF SHOW for 6 years in a row. Way to go, Aaron.

Aaron is the Horticulture Superintendent and he also teaches classes on growing vegetables.

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Our Farmers Markets

Broomfield Farmers Market

Tuesday Evenings

We are not attending either the Boulder or Longmont Farmers Markets this year so we have more vegetables for our CSA's.

Below are some pictures of our farm and related activities.

Aaron with one of his baby pumpkins.

Aaron with one of his smaller pumpkins. Yes, he always wears his "lucky" clothes to all weighoffs.

Anaheim peppers growing.

Beets and carrots

Aaron with his prize winning Red Cabbage

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