2015 is our 400 year family farming anniversary!

1615 - 2015

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Loofah Soap

Yes, We Grow Loofah (or Loofa) Sponges and we sell them and our soap all year long.

Below are some pictures of different aroma soaps.

To buy or to get more information, click on one of the soap pictures.

Yes we know this is shameless promotion. But it is our web site.

Apple Scent

The great properties of loofah with the aroma of home made apple pie.

Blueberry Scent

For the lovers of blueberry pie and blueberry jam.

Coconut Lavender

The enticing beauty of a unique soap with the combined aroma of a tropical island and an cottage garden.


Tangy scent and invigorating color.

Welcome to Dew Farms

2015 is the 400th anniversary of Dew Farms family farming.

We lease land from the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department and are proud to support the Boulder City Council's efforts to promote "Making Local Food Work". This is part of our marketing campaign to increase awareness about locally grown produce.

We can trace our family farming heritage back to 1615 to Berkshire County in England. Our family was using Organic (1620), sustainable (1616) and biodynamic (1920) methods before the words existed.

Our ancestors have been involved in agriculture for over 400 years, taking care of the land is in our blood. It is something we just naturally do.

So in honor of our Dew Farm families farming anniversary and to support the Boulder City Council's efforts in "Making Local Food Work" we are offering a 10% discount on our 2015 CSA shares.

Our produce is Certified Organic, but with our 10% discount our prices are conventional.

To learn more click on the CSA tab in the light yellow box above.

We are located in Boulder County, Colorado on 40 acres at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We believe in sustainable agriculture and taking care of the land and helping others. What sustainable agriculture means to us is using such conservation practices as drip irrigation, mulch to retain moisture in the ground, natural weed management and crop rotation among other measures. Working with the land rather than against it.

Every year we always set aside a portion of our land for growing new or unique varieties of produce. We also set aside ground for experimenting with different varieties as well as crops that normally don't grow well here. We like to think of this space as the Dew Farms Experiment Station. We believe that thinking outside the box and trying new things, not only makes us better farmers, but also better people.

Our ancestors have been involved in agriculture for over 400 years, taking care of the land is in our blood. One of the vegetables we grow for fun is giant pumpkins. Aaron has been growing giant pumpkins for several years. In late September or early October of each year, at one of our farmers market tents, we bring in some of our giant pumpkins and have some very talented carvers work their magic on the pumpkins.

We always encourage people to take pictures of themselves and their kids with the carved pumpkins. It is a nice way to have a festive end to the market year and it is really nice to see the smiles on peoples faces enjoying the festivities.

Another of the unusual, for this area, vegetables we grow is vine-grown loofah sponges which we make into soap and sell at farmers markets and on our web site.

We sell our vegetables at the Longmont, Boulder, and Broomfield Farmers' Markets in addition to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Our vegetables are picked just prior to the markets. That way you can be sure of the freshest pick. Farm fresh vegetables at fair prices. What more could you ask for?

Aaron, our grower, has won numerous awards at the Boulder County Fair and the Colorado State Fair over the years. His Red Cabbage won BEST OF SHOW for 6 years in a row. Way to go, Aaron.

As he is now the Horticulture Superintendent, Aaron has retired from entering his vegetables into competition at the Boulder County Fair. He doesn't think it is fair for a commercial grower to compete against non-commercial growers.

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Our Farmers Markets

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Below are some pictures of our farm and related activities.

Aaron with one of his baby pumpkins.

Aaron with one of his smaller pumpkins. Yes, he always wears his "lucky" clothes to all weighoffs.

Anaheim peppers growing.

Beets and carrots

Aaron with his prize winning Red Cabbage

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